When is a good time to contact a designer for assistance?

At the beginning, before you invest any of your precious time or money.

Can I afford a designer?

Everyone’s budget is unique.  Big or small, we will sit down on day one and discuss the scope of work your budget will deliver for you.

Will you pick the paint colors, furniture and fixtures out for me?

Yes, whether it be counter tops, artwork, candles, flooring or lighting, with your input and feedback, I will pick out the fixtures and accessories you need to take your home from start to finish.

Do you shop for me?

Yes, from plumbers to paint colors, I shop, coordinate and manage the entire process.

Will you stay within my budget?

Yes, once we agree upon a scope of work and the project details, we establish a budget and always stick to it. (Unless, of course, you request additions or changes.) There are no surprises at the end when it comes to the final investment amount.

How does your pricing work?

Pricing is based on a combination of time spent and the cost of materials.